Study reveals exercise is beneficial for maintaining sperm quality

There have been many studies that prove that exercise is beneficial for health. A study states that these activities also keep sperm healthy.

“Regular exercise can improve semen quality parameters among infertile healthy men,” said study author Yi-Xin Wang of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China.

As quoted from Men’s Health on Wednesday (01/08/2020), scientists looked at sperm samples from 700 men who qualified as donors based on the health and quality of semen.

The participants indicated the level of concentration, sperm count in semen, morphology, size, and motility or movement. In addition, they also recorded the amount of active move time each week.

The researchers found that men who had the highest active time every week and did the most intense exercise had better sperm motility.

Signs of Good Sperm Quality

Quoted from Gizmodo, these activities include light exercise such as household chores to heavy training. These results are obtained after taking into account other factors such as age.

The authors found at least a 16 percent average difference in sperm movements. This motility is a marker of good sperm quality.

Even so, this study depends on one’s memories of their habits. This could be one of the shortcomings in this study.

In addition, other criticisms were made because the research was carried out only at one time in their lives. This does not prove that exercise will help sperm stay nimble over time.

However, exercise still has benefits for sperm health. As stated by urologist Ali Dabaja.

“If you have a lot of body fat, you will have oxidative stress on the body,” he said. This high amount is proven to reduce the quality of sperm.